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Nursery is a child’s first experience of school life. At Field End Nursery, we ensure that children feel secure and happy, and eager to explore the stimulating environment we provide. Our main aim is that children develop personal and social skills and a sense of pride in their own achievements, and that they have a feeling of self-worth.


A Typical Day in Nursery

Nursery is organised into three classes, each of up to 30 children, with four adults for each class.  All the adults in our Nursery are key workers to a small group of children. Their role is to build upon the relationship started in the home visit with each of their children (and their parents / carers). They will play alongside children in their self-chosen activities and guide them to activities they may not yet have tried. Key workers assess children’s strengths plan their next steps, liaising with parents and giving regular informal feedback as well as more formal parent consultations each term.


The Nursery day (a three hour session) 8.30-11.30 or 12.30-3.30

A gentle, welcoming soft start from 8:30 until 8.45 or 12:30 – 12:45 when children can explore all areas inside the Nursery. Key workers use this opportunity to spend quality one to one time with the children in their group.

After about an hour, children are gathered together in small groups to focus on an aspect of learning. During this time, children are encouraged to listen to each other’s ideas and to contribute to discussions and activities. Activities are exciting and practical and cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

A Special Helper is chosen to do special tasks, and a Star of the Day is awarded to someone who has been especially kind or helpful.

Following this quiet group time, children may again explore all areas of the Nursery including the outside learning environment.

Towards the end of the day’s session the class will gather together again for a story, in large and small groups.


The Nursery day (full day) 8.30-3.30

We offer 30 hours provision for working parents who qualify (a six hour per day session; most of our parents choose to top this up with an extra hour per day to run in line with the school day). You can use the website below to check your eligibility: 

Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Free Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

Our class of 30 hours children  have a soft start between 8:30 and 8.45am. Children choose from the engaging and stimulating activities set out while key workers spend time supporting and extending their learning. This is followed by a small group session focussed on an aspect of our curriculum. During lunch time, children sit in a quieter annex of the dining hall and adults support and encourage them to open packets and eat with increasing independence. The afternoon mirrors the morning with a selection of self-chosen and adult initiated learning using  both indoor and outdoor areas of Nursery. The day draws to an end with an engaging story time.



We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and plan all our activities within this framework. Nursery staff have weekly meetings to plan stimulating activities which will engage the children and which are tailored directly to the children’s interests and needs. We use topics to deliver the curriculum in a meaningful and child-centred way. The topics we explore include  Ourselves, Colours, Transport , Animals,  Numbers and Fantasy characters. In nursery, children are introduced to the early phonic skills of aural discrimination, rhyme and oral blending and segmenting. Some children may also be able to recognise simple letter sounds and to begin to use these in their reading and writing. 

If you would like to find out more about the Early Years curriculum please click on the link below.