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Please click on the links below to see an overview of what children will learn about in each school year. 

How do we teach reading and phonics at Field End Infants?

We teach a systematic synthetic phonics programme throughout school from Nursery to Year Two which equips children with the skills they need to be able to decode and read words. We use the Sounds-Write scheme which has been validated by the Department for Education. Sounds-Write is a linguistic phonics approach, whereby children are taught to understand the relationship between spoken language and written words. This approach supports children to be able to:

  • Segment (the ability to pull apart the individual sounds in words e.g. dog = d - o - g)
  • Blend (the ability to push sounds together to build words e.g. c-a-t = cat)
  • Manipulate phonemes (the ability to insert sounds into words and delete sounds from words). This skill is necessary to develop accuracy in reading and spelling.


Through following this scheme, children will learn the concepts necessary for proficient reading and writing. They are introduced to the 175 most common spellings of the 44 sounds in English through a carefully crafted sequence that goes from simple to more complex. They learn and practise the Initial Code to mastery before starting on the Extended Code, and, soon after, the reading and writing of polysyllabic words.

Based on the latest research into cognitive load theory and the principles of direct instruction, the programme has been specially designed to accelerate learning—no matter the child's level.


The scheme is accompanied by our reading scheme, Dandelion Readers, which allows children to apply the code they have learnt in the context of simple stories. Once children have learnt the extended code, they begin to read stories from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.  


The Department for Education has acknowledged the programme as having met all the criteria for exceptional phonics teaching. 

You may find out more about the scheme by downloading the parent leaflet below. We also encourage you to register for a FREE webinar by visiting: Support for Parents and Carers - Sounds-Write Here, you will also find a link to download an app which can support your child at home. 


As well as teaching children the skills to decode words effectively, we take pride in encouraging a love of reading through sharing stories, non-fiction and poetry together and visiting our beautiful school library. 

Click below to find out how to correctly pronounce the sounds your child will be learning at school!

Our approach to the curriculum at Field End Infants

At Field End Infants, we design our curriculum and plan our approach to teaching in year group teams and in subject discipline based working parties. This allows us to ensure key messages about our provision are communicated and understood effectively across the school. Click on the pages below to find out more about what we intend for children to learn in each subject, how we implement this intent and how we measure the impact of what we teach.