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Pupil Voice

Pupil Questionnaire

A questionnaire was carried out by the school council, discussed in class and in their weekly meeting. This reinforced that children enjoyed PE and understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle but also highlighted some areas for improvement.


  • Each class and year group had a range of children attending a variety of clubs run by the school.
  • Both boys and girls attended all clubs although some clubs had a higher proportion of one gender.
  • The gymnastics sessions that Reception and KS1 take part in were highly praised.
  • Some children take part in local clubs.
  • Children enjoyed the resources available at lunchtimes.
  • The new 5-a-day videos used in class were well received.
  • PE lessons were enjoyable.


  • Children requested that there be opportunities to play cricket - a new cricket set has now been purchased and an organised game takes place once a week.
  • Children enjoyed football and basketball but wanted this to be available more due to the rota system in place - a new timetable has been created and basketball and football is now available everyday to all KS1 children.
  • Children wanted more opportunities for competition - new scheme of work has been purchased and implemented which allows children to challenge themselves and compete in teams against each other.
  • More opportunitites for dance were requested - KS1 hip hop / street dance workshops completed during Health Week in the Autumn term. Sponsored dance and 'Stomp' workshops planned during the Spring term and Olympic themed dance sessions in the Summer term. 5 a day dance subscription continued.

STOMP Workshop